Fresh Fruit Salad & Yoghurt



A fresh and fruity start to your day!

Try some lovely exotic fruit - or if you don't fancy out of season imports, try local fruit. Another great option is frozen fruit - there are lots of options from single fruits, eg raspberries or mango to mixed bags - these are a great mainstay in those winter months and because they're frozen just minutes after picking, often contain more nutrients than 'fresh' fruit that's been lying around for a while. Those of you who like foraging can fill up the freezer during early autumn with free berries from the hedgerows!

Vegan yoghurt - plain or flavoured - is widely available from large branches of most supermarkets and from good health food shops - there are several brands including Alpro, Provamel and Tesco. We particularly like Sojade. There is also coconut milk yoghurt, eg CoYo, which is delicious and very creamy.

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  • A selection of your favourite fruits - try mango, grapes or papaya etc - or more seasonal, local fruits
  • Vegan yoghurt, soya or coconut milk based - see notes above


1. Wash, peel and chop some of your favourite fruits. Mix together and serve with plain vegan yoghurt of your choice.
2. Drizzle a tiny bit of agave, date or maple syrup if you need it.


  • Add some nuts or seeds for an extra oomph!
  • Add nuts and banana to make it even more filling

Makes as many servings as you need

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