Mexican Wraps Convenience-style



A quick, easy lunch or supper. Most Mexican sauces in jars are vegan and many are GF or at least wheat-free. Brands to look for include Aldi, Sainsbury's, Santa Maria, Tesco... We particularly like fajita sauces as they are thick and tasty and usually contain a spice pack in the lid. However, salsa in a jar or tub with some extra spices will also give another GF option. Finally, Warburton's free-from wraps are also vegan and GF.



1/2-1 tin black beans, drained OR 1/2-1 pack Cauldron marinated pieces
Large handful of pitted black olives, roughly chopped
1/2-1 jar fajita or chilli sauce, a vegan type - see above for suggested brands OR tomato salsa with added cumin, paprika and chilli powder
Grated vegan cheese, eg Violife block OR a sprinkling of nutritional yeast flakes
Wraps - regular or GF, see above - preferably wholemeal
To serve: chopped avocado, mixed salad and a dollop of vegan mayo, plain vegan yoghurt or vegan sour cream


1. Warm the black beans, fajita sauce, chopped olives and yeast flakes - on the stove or microwave. Place a serving of the hot mixture (plus vegan cheese if using) inside each wrap you use. 
2. Heat gently in a microwave - just enough to warm through the wraps. Don't overcook or the wraps will become hard.
3. Serve with the avocado, salad and vegan mayo or sour cream on the side or on top. Eat immediately. 

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