Soup, Convenience-style


This is a cheat's version and is more about giving you quick fix ideas with shop-bought ready-made meals than an actual recipe. (However, we have lots of soup recipes on the VRC if you want to try out some home cooking - just click this link here )

The soup pictured is a kale and beetroot fresh soup bought from Tesco. 



Find a fresh vegan soup that you like - all supermarket own brands and companies such as Covent Garden, Tideford and more, carry a vegan range. Check their websites or the ingredients on the soup package. If the soup is mainly vegetables, (ie no beans, lentils or peas) then add them - half a tin of cooked pulses will make it a more balanced, more substantial and nutritious meal. If you're not super keen on beans etc, blend them in! 


Tinned soups make a great standby and keep for longer - many don't have that awful 'tinned' tast any more, Amy's Kitchen soups in particular are proof of this!  

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